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  • HIV Test Types - AIDS.gov


    Jun 5, 2015 ... HIV Test Types Index Page. ... and 64 get tested at least once Use the AIDS.gov
    HIV Testing and Care Services Locator to find testing locations ...

  • HIV Test Locations - AIDS.gov


    Jun 24, 2014 ... One of the easiest ways to find a convenient HIV testing site is to use the HIV
    Testing and Care Services Locator.

  • How long after a possible exposure should I be tested for HIV? - San ...


    Symptoms of AIDS? Is there a ... A trained test counselor will help assess your
    risk and figure out the right time and type of test to apply. The time it ... There are
    different types of HIV Tests, and each type has a different window period. We
    have ...

  • Testing | HIV Basics | HIV/AIDS | CDC


    Jun 30, 2015 ... Answers to questions such as: Why should I get tested? When should I get tested
    ? Where can I get tested? What kind of tests are available?

  • HIV Testing | HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets | Education Materials | AIDSinfo


    Sep 23, 2014 ... HIV testing shows whether a person is infected with HIV. HIV is the virus that
    causes AIDS. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.

  • Anonymous HIV Testing | AIDS Test | Where to Get Tested


    What types of HIV and AIDS testing are available? You can get tested at a
    Planned Parenthood health center if you think you've been infected.

  • Get Tested with Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS!


    5 days ago ... The activation is part of an ongoing effort between Greater Than AIDS and
    Walgreens to broaden the reach of HIV information and testing in ...

  • HIV and AIDS: Diagnosis & Tests - WebMD


    Probably no medical test is more important to understand than the HIV test.
    Here's where to learn about what an HIV diagnosis means -- and what to do
    about it.

  • HIV/AIDS Tests and diagnosis - Mayo Clinic


    HIV/AIDS — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment and
    prevention ... If you receive a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, several types of tests can
    help your ...

  • HIV/AIDS Tests - Healthline


    Oct 29, 2014 ... Seven HIV tests that will verify if you have HIV. Also, learn more about the many
    opportunistic illnesses that actually define what AIDS is.