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  • List of volcanoes in Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    This is a list of active and extinct volcanoes in Japan. Contents. 1 Hokkaidō; 2
    Honshū; 3 Izu Islands; 4 Kyūshū; 5 Nansei Islands; 6 Other; 7 References.

  • Volcanic island eats another off Japan - CNN.com


    Apr 7, 2014 ... Niijima island, a Japanese volcano which broke through the ocean's surface last
    November, has now swallowed a nearby island.

  • Erupting volcano spawns island off Japan - CNN.com


    Nov 22, 2013 ... (CNN) -- Japan is getting bigger and bigger and bigger -- one volcanic blast at a
    time. The growth so far -- compared to the size of the Asian ...

  • Volcanoes of Japan: facts & information / VolcanoDiscovery


    A possible explosive eruption occurred this morning; VAAC detected an ash
    plume at estimated 7,000 ft (2.1 km) altitude drifting east from the volcano.

  • Japan | Volcano World


    Japan has 109 volcanoes, in differing states of activity (3). Mt. Fuji is also the
    highest and most venerated mountain in Japan, standing at 3776 meters tall (2).

  • BBC News - Volcanic eruption gives birth to 'new island' in Japan


    Pictures released by the Japanese coast guard show a new island forced up by
    an underwater volcanic eruption in the seas a thousand kilometres south of the ...

  • Volcano spawns new Japanese island - USA Today


    Nov 21, 2013 ... An undersea volcanic eruption has given Japan a tiny patch of new territory —
    but the country is going to wait and see whether the sea ...

  • Dramatic Video Shows Volcano Making New Island Off Japan


    Nov 21, 2013 ... Japan got just a little bit bigger this week, as a volcano created a brand new
    island about 600 miles (970 kilometers) south of Tokyo. The island ...

  • Video: Volcano raises new island off coast of Japan - Telegraph


    Nov 21, 2013 ... A volcanic eruption raised an island in the seas to the far south of Tokyo, the
    Japanese coast guard and earthquake experts say.

  • New Island Forms South Of Japan After Volcanic Eruption


    Nov 21, 2013 ... TOKYO (AP) — A volcanic eruption has raised an island in the seas to the far
    south of Tokyo, the Japanese coast guard and earthquake ...