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  • CDC - Coronavirus - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - MERS-CoV


    Jul 31, 2014 ... Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness first
    reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a coronavirus called ...

  • CDC-MERS-Frequently Asked Questions


    Aug 4, 2014 ... A: MERS-CoV is the acronym for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
    , the virus that causes MERS. When referring to the virus and ...

  • Mers


    MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. owns and operates the MERS(R) System, a national
    electronic registry system that tracks the changes in servicing rights and ...

  • MERS® ServicerID - Mers-servicerid.org


    The MERS® ServicerID helps you identify the servicer associated with a
    mortgage loan registered on the. MERS® System. You can locate servicer
    information ...

  • Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus - Wikipedia, the free ...


    The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), also termed
    EMC/2012 (HCoV-EMC/2012), is positive-sense, single-stranded RNA novel ...

  • Mers (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Mers may refer to: Mers people or Maher, an ethnic group in Rajasthan; Mers-les-
    Bains, a town in France; El Mers, a town in Morocco. MERS may refer to:.

  • WHO | Coronavirus infections


    This strain of coronavirus that causes MERS was first identified in 2012 in Saudi
    Arabia. Our understanding of the virus and the disease it causes is continuing to

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome


    May 9, 2014 ... Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory disease caused
    by a novel coronavirus (MERS‐CoV) that was first identified in ...

  • MERS may be airborne, scientists say - CNN.com


    Jul 22, 2014 ... The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, better known as MERS,
    may be an airborne virus. Learn more about how MERS may be ...

  • MERS | Municipal Employees' Retirement System


    2013 MERS Financial Report Now Online. This year's Comprehensive Annual
    Financial Report available for download. Jun 05, 2014 -. Our 2013 ...