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  • NSA Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation


    History of NSA Spying Information since 2005 (See EFF's full timeline of events
    here)News reports in December 2005 first revealed that the National Security ...

  • Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying/timeline - 20 hours ago

    National Security Agency (NSA). It is intended to recall all the credible accounts
    and information of the NSA's domestic spying program found in the media, ...

  • NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal | American Civil Liberties Union


    What if it emerged that the President of the United States was flagrantly violating
    the Constitution and a law passed by the Congress to protect Americans against

  • Nsa Spying - Huffington Post


    BERLIN, July 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has spied
    not only on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also on numerous high-ra.

  • NSA surveillance exposed - CBS News


    WikiLeaks levels new charges on NSA's Germany spying. Two years after first
    revelation of NSA efforts in Germany, spy agency accused of targeting numerous

  • Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present) - Wikipedia, the free ...


    Secret legal authorities empowered the NSA to sweep in the telephone, Internet
    and .... Der Spiegel revealed NSA spying on multiple diplomatic missions of the ...

  • Rand Paul on Ending NSA Spying


    Rand Paul NSA Spying National Security Agency Spying Circuit Court illegal

  • NSA Spying Scandal - SPIEGEL ONLINE


    Jul 3, 2015 ... Germany and the United States have close relations politically, but ties between
    our people are drifting as a result of NSA spying, the report on ...

  • Obama reassures France after 'unacceptable' NSA spying | Reuters


    Jun 24, 2015 ... U.S. President Barack Obama reaffirmed in a phone call with his French
    counterpart Francois Hollande on Wednesday Washington's ...

  • WikiLeaks report alleges NSA spied on French presidents - CNN.com


    Jun 24, 2015 ... (CNN) France has summoned the U.S. ambassador for a meeting Wednesday in
    the wake of reports that the United States spied on French ...