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    If you would like to build muscle, then here is how I've gained 43lb of muscle in
    Belgium, and how you can gain as much muscle in America (or elsewhere).

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    When I first got interested in gaining size in order to play football, I didn't worry
    much about fat gain. On one hand, the amount of running and exertion I ...

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    It doesn't happen overnight (as any bodybuilder can tell you) but you'll be well on
    your way to adding muscle mass to your frame as you follow these steps ...

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    FUEL UP Start reading food labels to get a sense of how many calories you're
    already eating. Then add 500 to that number and start eating that many calories ...

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    What if I told you that you could gain more muscle mass with less training? Or
    retain more muscle mass with less training? And even gain/retain more strength ...

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    Learn how to build muscle with these 5 tips that will help you gain mass and get

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    Follow these key training tips to accelerate your muscle gains. Build more muscle
    and strength with top workout tips and advice for better weight training results.

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    Most lean men who can't gain muscle weight are simply eating and exercising
    the wrong way. Here's your fix: Follow these 10 principles to pack on as much as

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    If you're looking for quick muscle building, go no further than your local gym,
    where doctors say that major strength gains can be had in just a few weeks.

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    How To Gain Muscles Fast. ... It is a well-known fact that muscles that are most
    used tend to get stronger and muscles, which you don't use often, get ...