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    Debt crisis is the general term for a proliferation of massive public debt relative to
    tax revenues, especially in reference to Latin American countries during the ...

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    The Latin American debt crisis was a financial crisis that originated in the early
    1980s (and for some countries starting in the 1970s), often known as the "lost ...

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    Debt ceiling resets to $17.2 trillion as Congress passes another suspension ...
    Debt ceiling: When will this soap opera end?

  • The debt crisis: Wipeout | The Economist


    Sep 17, 2014 ... DEBT forgiveness, and the redesign of debt contracts to involve more risk-
    sharing, is the answer to the problem of recurrent financial crises.

  • Debt Crisis Live - Telegraph


    Live coverage of the international debt crisis and rollercoaster financial markets
    in the eurozone and US.

  • (PDF) Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Some Lessons Learned ... - IMF

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    Keywords: Financial crises, sovereign debt crises, deleveraging, credit cycles,
    financial ... Financial Liberalization, Financial Crises, and Crisis Prevention .

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    continued to carry the risks of a banking crisis: both the direct fiscal costs (if
    govern- ... As will be clear from the analysis below, the sovereign debt crisis is

  • European Debt Crisis: Indicators, Analysis & Map - Bloomberg


    Follow the European Sovereign Debt Crisis with economic statistics, financial &
    economic indicators. Get today's Euro Zone news, market quotes & analysis.

  • From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis


    Second, banking crises (both domestic ones and those emanating from
    international financial centers) often precede or accompany sovereign debt

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    440,000- That's how many home sales will not happen this year because of high
    levels of student loan debt, according to a report from John Burns Consulting, ...