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    Gun control generally refers to laws or policies that regulate the manufacture,
    sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms. They vary greatly ...

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    Read the latest articles and commentary on gun control and gun rights at US ...
    But the 5-4 decision only applied to federal laws and failed to address local and ...

  • Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – Search by State Gun Law


    Because our federal gun laws are so weak, states can play a critical role by
    adopting laws to protect communities from gun violence. While some states have

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    Gun control laws regulate the possession and purchase of firearms, including the
    types of guns that may be owned, waiting periods required for purchase,

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    Law-abiding, responsible citizens do not and should not need to ask anyone's ...
    Gun control advocates would declare all gun owners guilty without trial, simply ...

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    Likewise, data associated with the effects of gun control laws in various
    geographical areas represent random, demographically diverse places in which
    such ...

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    CT governor signs sweeping gun law · NRA weakens gun proposals · Grassley ...
    Piers, Larry Pratt debate gun control ... The 'Gun Girls' take on Piers Morgan.

  • Both sides in gun control issue prepare for legislative battles ...


    Sep 20, 2014 ... Christophe Ena Associated Press Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    has been leading the effort to strengthen U.S. gun control laws.

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    Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To NY Gun Control Law. AP | Posted ...
    Colorado Reps Lead The Way Toward Tighter Gun Control Laws. The Colorado

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    But despite these debates there has been little response from Congress in the
    form of new federal gun control legislation. The last significant federal gun law ...