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  • Gun violence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Gun violence is violence committed with the use of a gun (firearm or small arm). It
    may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal gun violence includes ...

  • Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy


    This report reviews research-based evidence on causes of gun violence, whether
    it is homicide, suicide or a school shooting. How do mental health and mental ...

  • About Gun Violence | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


    America has a problem with gun violence One in three people in the U.S. know ...
    32 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 140 are treated for a gun ...

  • Gun Violence | National Institute of Justice


    Apr 4, 2013 ... How Prevalent is Gun Violence in America? ... Gun-related homicides increased
    slightly after that, to a high of 11,547 in 2006, before falling ...

  • USA Gun Violence Statistics | heedinggodscall.org


    GUN VIOLENCE in the UNITED STATES. Some Indicative Data: Gun Ownership.
    The US has an estimated 283 million guns in civilian hands; Each year about ...

  • Gun Violence: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News - Huffington Post


    Big News on Gun Violence. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations
    about Gun Violence.

  • Gun Violence Prevention - Myths and Facts About Guns - Public ...


    The Joyce Foundation and our grantees believe that the toll that gun violence
    takes on our communities is preventable. Here are myths and facts about the ...

  • Gun Violence Prevention | The Joyce Foundation


    The Joyce Foundation strives to keep communities safe by working with law
    enforcement and policy makers for gun violence prevention. The Joyce
    Foundation ...

  • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence


    Nov 19, 2014 ... Newtown, CT−The Newtown Action Alliance, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and
    Campaign to Unload applaud comedian Jay Leno's decision ...

  • Women Against Gun Violence – About Gun Violence


    Over 1,000 people a day are directly affected by gun violence in the United
    States. That doesn't include grieving family members and friends and the grief of
    the ...