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    Meteor is a complete platform for building web and mobile apps in pure

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    Installing Meteor. Install the newest version of Meteor with one command on OS
    X or Linux. Open your terminal and type: curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh.

  • Meteor - Wikipedia


    A meteor or "shooting star" is the passage of a meteoroid or micrometeoroid into
    the ..... The brightest meteor, a fireball, leaves a smoky, persistent trail drifting in ...

  • meteor/meteor · GitHub


    meteor - Meteor, an ultra-simple, database-everywhere, data-on-the-wire, pure-
    Javascript web framework. ... web framework. http://www.meteor.com.

  • Meteor Development Group · GitHub


    worldwide-meteor-day. The entire international Meteor community is hosting
    simultaneous meetups on November 6, open to anyone who is curious to know ...

  • Meteor FAQs | American Meteor Society


    Whenever a meteoroid plows into the Earth's atmosphere, it will create a brief
    flash of moving light in the sky, called a meteor. Meteors were once thought to be
    a ...

  • Meteor


    Meteor is an open source HTTP server, designed to offer developers a simple
    means of integrating streaming data into web applications without the need for ...

  • Meteor (1979) - IMDb


    To stop the meteor, NASA wants to use the illegal nuclear weapon satellite "
    Hercules," but soon discovers that it doesn't have enough firepower. Their only ...

  • xkcd: Meteor


    Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/meteor.png. [
    [Person A approaches Person B with a rock in his hand.]] A: Check it out - I got ...

  • Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013 - Event Archive - YouTube


    Feb 18, 2013 ... Feb 15,2013 - A "small" meteorite streaked through the skies above Russia's
    Urals region. The blast, equivalent to 300000 tons of TNT, ...