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  • NSA Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation


    History of NSA Spying Information since 2005 (See EFF's full timeline of events
    here)News reports in December 2005 first revealed that the National Security ...

  • Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying/timeline - 11 hours ago

    National Security Agency (NSA). It is intended to recall all the credible accounts
    and information of the NSA's domestic spying program found in the media, ...

  • Nsa Spying - Huffington Post


    BERLIN, July 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has spied
    not only on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also on numerous high-ra.

  • NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal | American Civil Liberties Union


    That frightening scenario is exactly what we are now witnessing in the case of the
    warrantless NSA spying ordered by President Bush that was reported ...

  • NSA Spying Relies on AT&T's 'Extreme Willingness to Help ...


    Aug 15, 2015 ... (NSA spying on United Nations diplomats has previously been reported, but not
    the court order or AT&T's involvement. In October 2013, the ...

  • NSA surveillance exposed - CBS News


    WikiLeaks levels new charges on NSA's Germany spying. Two years after first
    revelation of NSA efforts in Germany, spy agency accused of targeting numerous

  • Rand Paul on Ending NSA Spying


    Rand Paul NSA Spying National Security Agency Spying Circuit Court illegal

  • Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present) - Wikipedia, the free ...


    The disclosure revealed specific details of the NSA's close cooperation with U.S.
    .... Der Spiegel revealed NSA spying on multiple diplomatic missions of the ...

  • NSA Spying Scandal - SPIEGEL ONLINE


    Aug 21, 2015 ... 'Fairview': Latest Snowden Doc Shows NSA Spied on German Intelligence.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE - September 29, 2015. Fresh insight into the ...

  • Now You Can Find Out if the NSA and GCHQ Spied on You | WIRED


    Sep 15, 2015 ... You just know in your bones that the NSA spied on you and shared that data with
    Britain's GCHQ spy agency, right? So how can you confirm ...