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    YouTube Creator Awards. How does it feel to earn the Silver, Gold, or Diamond
    Play Button? Find out from some of YouTube's biggest and brightest.

  • YouTube Video Awards - YouTube


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  • YouTube Awards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The YouTube Awards or YouTube Video Awards are awards given out as
    formalized recognition of the best YouTube videos of the preceding year, such as

  • YouTube Play Button - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    YouTube Creator Rewards, more commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons,
    are a recognition by YouTube of its most popular channels. These are distinct
    from YouTube Awards which are intended to recognize ...

  • YouTube Music Awards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The YouTube Music Awards (commonly abbreviated as YTMA) is an awards
    show presented by YouTube to honor the best in the music video medium.

  • Best YouTube Ensemble in Social Media - Shorty Awards


    Peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, YouTube Ensembles. If you're seeing their
    work, you're seeing them together. Whether they're vlogging, making music, ...

  • YouTube Star of the Year presented by A&E - The Shorty Awards


    The YouTube Star of the Year Award, presented by A&E, honors the best video
    producers who are able to entertain on the ever changing digital video platform.

  • YouTube Comedian in Social Media - Shorty Awards


    The nominees for the Best YouTube Comedian in Social Media Shorty Award.

  • Best use of YouTube in Social Media - Shorty Awards


    This award honors the most effective and creative campaigns optimized for
    YouTube. Describe how you best used YouTube's features, how it enhanced
    your ...

  • Best YouTube Guru in Social Media - Shorty Awards


    The YouTube Guru Award honors the best fashion, style and beauty personalities
    on the digital video platform. Their expertise for all things style shows in their ...