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  • Cloud computing - Wikipedia

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    Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared
    computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on ...

  • What Is Cloud Computing? | PCMag.com


    May 3, 2016 ... Are we in the cloud now? These are all questions you've probably heard or even
    asked yourself. The term "cloud computing" is everywhere.

  • What is cloud computing? - Definition from WhatIs.com


    Cloud computing is a term referring to the delivery of hosted services over the
    internet. Public, private and hybrid are the main cloud computing models.

  • What is Cloud Computing? - Amazon Web Services


    Explore the benefits of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services – provider for
    Netflix, Nasa JPL, Airbnb and more.

  • IBM - What is cloud computing?


    Cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-
    demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—
    over ...

  • What is Cloud Computing? A Webopedia Definition


    Cloud computing relies on shared resources rather than local servers or devices
    to handle applications. Also phrased as "the cloud" it means a type of ...

  • What is Cloud Computing Technology?: Cloud Definition ...


    Cloud computing technology by Force.com and Heroku delivers hosted services
    online with Salesforce1 Platform, the best cloud services in the industry.

  • What is Cloud Computing? | Rackspace Managed Cloud


    Cloud computing describes the act of storing, managing and processing data
    online as opposed to on your own physical computer or network.

  • Concept:Cloud Computing - Wikinvest

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    Contents 1 =Cloud Computing 1.1 Cloud Computing Segments 1.1.1
    Applications 1.1.2 Storage 1.1.3 Connectivity 1.2 Cloud Computing Deployment...

  • Cloud Computing Magazine


    Covering the latest news and featuring original articles on Cloud Computing.