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  • Gun violence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Gun violence is violence committed with the use of a gun (firearm or small arm). It
    may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal gun violence includes ...

  • Gun Violence Archive


    Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to
    provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related
    violence ...

  • One day of gun violence - CNN.com


    Tens of thousands of people die each year from gun violence in the United States
    . This is what happened in a single day.

  • About Gun Violence | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

    http://www.bradycampaign.org/about-gun-violence - 14 hours ago

    One in three people in the U.S. know someone who has been shot.1; On average
    , 31 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 151 are treated for a ...

  • Key Gun Violence Statistics | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun ...


    It's time for Congress to finish the job and expand Brady background checks to
    stop criminals and other dangerous people from getting guns in America.

  • Next Murder Rates Don't Tell Us Everything About Gun Violence


    Oct 30, 2015 ... A similar analysis can be conducted on gun violence in Baltimore. ... evaluate
    gun violence patterns as Baltimore and New Orleans have done.

  • Gun Violence: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News - Huffington Post

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/shooting/ - 9 hours ago

    Big News on Gun Violence. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations
    about Gun Violence.

  • Chicago Gun Violence - Huffington Post

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/chicago-gun-violence... - 10 hours ago

    If music can incite gun violence, can it also prevent it? ... This is the face of
    Chicago's Inner-city gun violence victims: a face of elegance, potential, beauty,
    and ...

  • Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy


    This report reviews research-based evidence on the causes of gun violence,
    including homicide, suicide or school shooting. How do mental health and mental

  • Gun Violence in America: The 13 Key Questions (With 13 Concise ...


    Feb 4, 2013 ... Gun violence also affects more than its victims. In areas where it is prevalent, just
    the threat of violence makes neighborhoods poorer. It's very ...