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  • Gun violence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Gun violence is violence committed with the use of a gun (firearm or small arm). It
    may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal gun violence includes ...

  • Gun violence in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and thousands
    more injuries annually. According to the Centers for Disease Control and ...

  • Gun Violence Archive

    http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ - 6 hours ago

    Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to
    provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related
    violence ...

  • One day of gun violence - CNN.com


    Tens of thousands of people die each year from gun violence in the United States
    . This is what happened in a single day.

  • About Gun Violence | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

    http://www.bradycampaign.org/about-gun-violence - 7 hours ago

    One in three people in the U.S. know someone who has been shot.1; On average
    , 31 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 151 are treated for a ...

  • Is Gun Violence Due To Dangerous People Or Dangerous Guns ...


    1 day ago ... The killings of two journalists in Virginia last week have reignited a national
    conversation on mass shootings and gun control. Tania Lombrozo ...

  • Gun Violence: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News - Huffington Post


    Big News on Gun Violence. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations
    about Gun Violence.

  • Congressman Blames Gun Violence On 'Diversity In America ...


    2 days ago ... Rather than acknowledging the clear link between lax gun laws and deadly
    shootings, a Texas congressman has found a new culprit: ...

  • Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – Statistics and Research


    Many types of gun laws are effective at reducing gun deaths and injuries,
    keeping guns away from criminals and other prohibited people, and fighting
    illegal gun ...

  • Women Against Gun Violence – About Gun Violence


    Over 1,000 people a day are directly affected by gun violence in the United
    States. That doesn't include grieving family members and friends and the grief of
    the ...