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  • Minimum Wage Laws in the States - Wage and Hour Division (WHD ...

    Jan 1, 2017 ... Interactive map of the United States comparing the Federal and state minimum
    wage amounts.

  • Minimum Wage | United States Department of Labor

    The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees is $7.25 per hour
    effective July 24, 2009. The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in ...

  • Minimum wage - Wikipedia - 19 hours ago

    A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration that employers may legally pay to
    workers. Equivalently, it is the price floor below which workers may not sell their ...

  • Minimum wage in the United States - Wikipedia

    The minimum wage in the United States is set by a network of federal, state, and
    local laws. Employers generally must pay workers the highest minimum wage ...

  • State Minimum Wages | 2017 Minimum Wage by State - 22 hours ago

    This chart shows state minimum wage rates in effect as of Jan. 1, 2017, as well as
    future enacted increases. Nineteen states begin the new year with increased ...

  • | Facts about the Minimum Wage

    News, research and press releases, from the Employment Policies Institute.

  • In Your State |

    What's the minimum wage in my state? Click on your state to learn more about
    your minimum wage and current teen unemployment rates.

  • Minimum Wage Tracker | Economic Policy Institute

    The federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. In the absence of
    action at the national level, many states and localities have raised their own ...

  • Minimum Wage -

    The federal minimum wage was introduced in 1938 during the Great Depression
    under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was initially set at $0.25 per hour ...

  • Business For a Fair Minimum Wage | A national network of business ...

    As business owners and executives, we support gradually raising the federal
    minimum wage to at least $12 by 2020. It's good for business, customers and our