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    A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a
    new Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope. The pope is considered by
    Roman ...

  • Papal conclave, 2013 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The Papal conclave of 2013 was convened to elect a pope to succeed Benedict
    XVI following his resignation on 28 February 2013. After the 115 participating ...

  • 8 Things You May Not Know About the Papal Conclave - History in ...


    Mar 11, 2013 ... As cardinals gather in Rome to elect a new pontiff, take a glimpse inside the
    famously secretive papal conclave.

  • A Rough Guide To The Papal Conclave : The Two-Way : NPR


    Mar 11, 2013 ... The stage is now set for the opening act of one of the more spectacular and
    intriguing theatrical dramas on the planet: the election of a pope.

  • How Is a New Pope Chosen?


    They will also prepare for the upcoming papal election, called a conclave.
    Decisions that only the pope can make, such as appointing a bishop or
    convening the ...

  • Papal Conclave: How Popes Are Chosen - American Catholic


    When the pope dies, the cardinals are summoned to Rome by the dean of the
    college of cardinals for the conclave that will elect the new pope. The word ...

  • Choosing a New Pope - Papal Conclave - American Catholic


    As the Catholic Church chooses a new pope, AmericanCatholic.org offers up-to-
    date coverage of the papal conclave, which begins Monday, April 18.

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    Much secrecy surrounds this conclave and its historic vote, which usually
    happens in the days after a pope dies. But this year brings a rare twist: For the
    first time ...

  • Conclave: How cardinals elect a Pope - BBC News - BBC.com


    Feb 21, 2013 ... Pope Benedict's resignation has set in motion the centuries-old process of
    electing a new pope - known as the Conclave.

  • The Next Papal Conclave: Current Eligible Electors - CanonLaw.info


    ... names remained reserved by the pope "in pectore" (currently none) are
    ineligible. ... (emeritus) from their last posts, eligible to vote in the next papal